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Go Active Falconry was born out of a passion for Birds of Prey, conservation and education.

With a team of professional falconers, we provide hands-on interactive bird of prey experiences that allow visitors to get up close and personal with these magnificent animals.

Come and visit our Bird of Prey Centre based at White Post Farm in Farnsfield and see over 30 different species of Hawks, Owls, Eagles and Falcons.

Laura and Simon are proud to have opened the very first of its kind in Nottinghamshire and welcome visitors from all over the country to share their passion.

Flying displays daily at weekends and throughout all school holidays.


Meet The Team

Head Falconer Simon

Simon has been working with birds of prey for many years and his experience and knowledge are a key part of the Go Active Falconry Experience.


Simon has such a deep passion for falconry and has spent many hours learning and understanding these beautiful creatures.

Simons expertise in falconry has earned him a reputation as one of the best in the business.

As a highly experienced and dedicated falconer, he is passionate about bird welfare and has worked with a wide variety of birds training them to perform in a variety of settings.

Through his work, Simon is helping to educate people about the wonders of falconry and the importance of conservation efforts to protect our natural species.

Falconer Alice

Alice will be seen on almost a daily basis up at the bird of prey centre. Alice's role is important as she spends a large amount of her time looking after the birds themselves. Keeping their aviaries clean, and all of the birds well excercised. She will often be out in the field flying a wide variety of the birds at the centre.

Alice started as a volunteer whilst studying for her environmental degree at university, and after spending so much time with Go Active Falconry she decided to stay and make it a full time career.

Alice works with each bird, often on a one-to-one basis, using positive reinforcement techniques to help them learn new skills and behaviours.

She is also very active with the experiences and Young Falconers club.

Falconer Laura

If you have ever visited Go Active Falconry, you know that Simon and his team provide the hands on experience of seeing these beautiful birds, but what you might not know is that behind the scenes, there's someone working to ensure every aspect of your visit runs smoothly. That person is Falconer Laura.

Laura takes care of all the operational aspects of the business and is often who you will speak to on the end of the phone when booking your experience.

Laura's attention to detail is also evident in the way she manages the daily schedule making sure everyone has a personalised experience. This requires excellent organisational skills, as she needs to coordinate with other staff members to create a seamless experience for all visitors.

Falconer Theo

Falconer Theo is the youngest member of the falconry team, and Laura and Simons son. He started working with the birds at 4 years of age and as you can see, he is the cheeky chappy in the team, always providing the entertainment in the weekend flying displays. 

Theo has his own little owl called Blu, but is also at home handling and flying the hawks and some of the other larger birds, when he has time after school and other hobbies.

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